360º Integrated Approach

We take the time to understand the needs of your project, your business and your goals.

The more we understand your desired environment and business, the better we are at creating the perfect solution for your needs. We do this by asking the right questions and most importantly, listening to the answers.

Build Generation strongly believes in providing all clients with the most efficient delivery of projects – not only through cost savings, but also through seamless communication and enhanced responsiveness. We take the time to ask all of the necessary questions and we’re just as open to listen, all with the purpose of creating and achieving the highest quality end result.

Sustainable designs = savings Contented and inspired staff = increased productivity and retention  A drive in sales = everyone profitsOur goal is to assistyour business to grow organically in exactly the way you envisioned.

Sustainable designs = savings
Contented and inspired staff
= increased productivity and retention
A drive in sales = everyone profits


Our goal is to assist
your business in growing organically
exactly the way you envisioned.

Built for Growth

We work closely with our clients to ensure the projects we deliver are not only aesthetically pleasing but quantifiable in the results they produce.

In addition to current clients commissioning the creation of extra separate office fitouts, we also work with building owners to design and construct multiple property projects within their portfolio. The core of our business strength is fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients through our attentive and proactive service. Clients can call on us anytime and we do our utmost to accommodate their needs. That’s our commitment.



great design merged


solid construction -

a perfect combination

of both is key.



Dynamic Partnerships

The success of our projects and our resolute goal to remain on schedule is attributed to the strong partnerships, both internal and external, we’ve formed over the years.

Our network of teams consists of industry leaders and some of the best in their respective fields. Our commitment to teamwork and the nurturing of relationships formed during all stages of the building process ensures we fuel the dedication and focus required to produce excellence at every step of the process.


Value Oriented Budget Engineering

By keeping a close eye on expenditure from the beginning, we can greatly reduce cost, risk and exposure when it comes to completion. This is accomplished three specific ways:

1. Our construction team’s involvement means that any concepts generated by the designers are brought to life in the most efficient way possible, remaining consistent with budgetary and time framework.

2. Risk management strategies are developed from the early planning stages of a project through close teamwork with our designers and our knowledge of construction.

3. Lastly, we perform cost analysis and forecasting at each phase of the project. This eliminates risk at the start of on-site work, ensures our client’s needs and expectations are at the forefront of the project and that their goals are consistently met and exceeded.


We are currently applying for certification and accreditation within the following bodies and associations.
Please check back soon for our accreditation updates.
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Construction Line
  • SGS
  • CHAS
  • Safe Contractor Approved